2.2. Windows

2.2.1. Prokyon3
2.2.2. MySQL Server
2.2.3. WinAmp

2.2.1. Prokyon3

Installing Prokyon3 is straightforward using a self-contained binary zip package. Just open the archive and double click on setup.exe.


Prokyon3 was developed by a team of enthusiastic people as an open source development product. As such we strongly advocate use of non proprietary operating system. Prokyon3 was mostly written on Linux OS using open source development tools. However we recognize that not everybody is having access to a computer running Linux. We considered our Windows port as a "demo" version. It is definitely not as good as it's Linux counterpart.

We hope the Windows version will give you a good overview of Prokyon3 ability and encourage you to set-up a Linux PC quickly to run it on a non proprietary OS.

The main restriction that apply to the Windows version is a lack of multi threading support. This result in slow operation when intensive CPU tasks are performed. Concerned are mostly commands involving files synchronizing. It is also somehow lacking remote file support.


You will need to install two other programs before running Prokyon3 on Windows:

  • MySQL

    Alternatively it's possible to connect an MySQL server running on a Linux box ;-)

  • WinAmp

See also FAQ here .

2.2.2. MySQL Server

All tests were made using release 3.23 for Windows. You can download it from http://www.mysql.com/downloads/mysql-3.23.html. Just run the installer and make sure you have a running server. You will notice a small traffic light in your system tray. It must be green. If not, try to right click the icon and run the server manually.

You absolutely must have a running MySQL server for Prokyon3 to run. While you are at it, double click again on the icon, select "show me" and look at the default user and password under "myini Setup" tab.

2.2.3. WinAmp

WinAmp can be downloaded from http://www.winamp.com/download. You recommend to use Winamp3. Previous version (i.e. Winamp2) will run as well, but there is some limitation to the command line length: Winamp2 will crash if you try to play a long play-list. And if you are unlucky enough to use win98 you probably will have to start Windows again. So try to use Winamp3. It is a bit slow to start but after that it is very stable and you can expect future versions to improve start-up time. The installation of WinAmp is straightforward.