2.1. Linux

2.1.1. Compile from Source
2.1.2. Binaries
2.1.3. Troubleshootings

2.1.1. Compile from Source

Prokyon3 is mostly available as a source tar file. It uses GNU Autotool and in most case, compiling and running Prokyon3 on a Linux box consist of:

  1. Download and untar latest stable project archive from http://prokyon3.sourceforge.net

    user#>tar -zxvf prokyon3-XXX.tar.gz
  2. Configure and compile.

    user#> ./configure
    user#> make
    root#> make install
  3. Create the database

    Create a database and setup the parameters in the configuration dialog .


    As an alternative, with MySQL 3.22 and later, you can use the 'create new database' wizard in the file | menu....

  4. Fine tune your configuration with File | Settings

Please refer to ./configure --help to fine tune compilation for your system.

CD burning is optionaly achieved via a bash script (prokburn) installed in your binary directories (/usr/local/bin by default). This script will do all necessary format conversion and ajustement and will burn a CD for you.The following programs are required by prokburn in your $PATH.

Table 2.1. Key programs required by prokburn script

mpg123Decoding mp3 files to wav.
ogg123Decoding ogg files ro wav
normalizenormalizing tracks audio volume program available at http://www.cs.columbia.edu/~cvaill/normalize/
cdrecordCD burning.

You will need free disk space in your $HOME/tmp directory. The minimum corresponds to your total CD size. Please feel free to edit prokburn to fit your needs, It was written as a late evening exercise and it can be improved in many ways. Please do email us patch and update so we can include it our next prokyon3 release. On this specific topic, we will strongly recommend reading the excellent "Linux MP3 CD Burning mini-HOWTO" from Greg Wierzchowski. It is available online at http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/MP3-CD-Burning/index.html.


prokburn will assume SCSI target 0,0,0 for your cd burner. If this is not the case, you will have to edit the prokburn script in your install directory.

2.1.2. Binaries

There are some. We know that there's a debian package available and we discovered some gentoo ebuild scripts (well, that's not a binary ;-) ).

2.1.3. Troubleshootings

Here is a list of [gotcha's] that may prevent prokyon3 from running once compiled properly.

  • Make sure the environment variable QTDIR points to the right directory (Debian/Woody: '/usr/share/qt')

  • Make sure you provide the correct MySQL superuser user and password to the wizard.

  • Do not forget to connect to the database by clicking the 'connect' button.

See also FAQs here .