5.3. Windows

5.3.1. "What do I need to compile Prokyon3?"

5.3.1. "What do I need to compile Prokyon3?"

Unfortunately you will need Microsoft Visual C++ V6.0 as Qt Win230 free package is a binary distribution that can only be used with MSVC++ :-( . It is not even guaranteed that it will be compatible with more recent version of the compiler: you must have a try first. The easiest way to get MSVC++ 6.0 is to purchase it second hand over the Internet as I did. In addition you will need the following GPL packages:

Included in the source code you will find a make file compatible with Microsoft NMAKE. I modified it by hand so you should directly run the make file to compile. I never tried to compile from the MSVC++ IDE.

I used Emacs for windows from http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/windows/ rather than Microsoft IDE for all Windows development.

Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 has some problems with latest ANSI features and force me to implement lots of minor changes to compile properly. Further I had to "back-port" Prokyon3 from QT3.0 to QT2.0. Unfortunately Qt2.0 was missing any SQL support so I had to provide a minimum wrapper to the mysql++ API to interface with Prokyon3 database layer. As a result it will be a major work to recompile latest Prokyon3 release. My starting point was release 0.9.1.

What is really great is the debugger bundled with Microsoft Visual C++. This is the only point where the Microsoft Visual C++ out-pass Linux development tools IMHO. (Comment from Markus: PHF, try eclipse for windows!)

If you have any more questions about the Windows port, feel free to contact me at paul-henri.ferme@noos.fr.