3.6. Settings

3.6.1. "Read ID3v2 tags"
3.6.2. "Write ID3v2 tags"
3.6.3. "Auto connect to database at startup"
3.6.4. "Auto hide artists/sources/playlists in tag edit mode"
3.6.5. "Never show content of whole hard disk|SMB shares|NFS exports"
3.6.6. "Allow tool tip"
3.6.7. "Allow column to expand automatically"
3.6.8. "Allow Gui configuration restore"
3.6.9. "Play and enqueue commands"
3.6.10. "BurnCD command"

Prokyon3 can be further configured with he following options available with file | settings | toggles as detailed below.

3.6.1. "Read ID3v2 tags"

When this box is checked, Prokyon3 will read ID3V2 tags from mp3 files. It will default to V1 if no V2 tags are available.

If unchecked, Prokyon3 will only read V1 tags from mp3 files. ID3V1 tags had some obvious limitations and drawbacks so it is better to leave this box checked. One can find more detailed information about ID3 tags at http://www.id3lib.org.

Default value is checked.

3.6.2. "Write ID3v2 tags"

When checked, Prokyon3 will always write tags as ID3 V2 tags to your file.

Default value is checked.

3.6.3. "Auto connect to database at startup"

Once your Mysql base is running and your connection is OK, this box should be checked.

Default value is unchecked.

3.6.4. "Auto hide artists/sources/playlists in tag edit mode"

When checked, Prokyon3 will hide play lists and artists tree when tags are edited. This will expand your display during edit mode.

Default value is checked.

3.6.5. "Never show content of whole hard disk|SMB shares|NFS exports"

If checked, Prokyon3 will not attempt to display all you files in a single list when, for example, you click the Harddisk button form the Media tab in the selector. Useful if you have lots of files on your hard disk|SMB shares|NFS exports as this can be painfully slow.

Default values are unchecked.

3.6.6. "Allow tool tip"

Get rid of pop-up help messages.

Default value is checked.

3.6.7. "Allow column to expand automatically"

When checked, columns size will be adjusted automatically by Prokyon3 to match displayed text width.

When unchecked, Prokyon3 will remember your manual column width adjustments and restore it between sessions. These will not changed unless you modify them manually.

Default value is checked.

3.6.8. "Allow Gui configuration restore"

When checked, internal frame sizes, as well as relative columns position in listing views will be saved and restore between sessions. In a similar manner, if some main frames are hidden by the user, this will be saved and restored by Prokyon3.

Default value is checked.

However, Prokyon3 will always automatically save an restore the following Gui information:

  • Position and size of the main window on the desktop.

  • User-selected field information displayed in the central frame.

  • Search file path.

  • Database connexion parameters.

3.6.9. "Play and enqueue commands"

Play command must cancel and reset any existing play list already loaded into your favourite player. Enqueue command will be used to add your selected tracks to the current one. Selected tracks are passed as additional arguments to these commands.

Default value are OK with xmms.

3.6.10. "BurnCD command"

BurnCD command will write a CD with currently selected play List. Selected tracks are passed as additional arguments to this command.

Default to "prokburn" script supplied as part of Prokyon3 package.