3.5. Manage your musical files

You can select one or several files and edit all tags via the Edit button.


When your are in edit mode, pay special attention to the button available to the right side of each editable fields. It has two specific modes of operation (See also FAQ here ).

  • When right clicked, a field specific menu will pop-up.

  • When left clicked, change will be copied to all tracks.

Modifications are immediately recorded into Prokyon3 MySQL database when Save button is pressed, but the information embedded into your musical file ("tags") are not changed unless you specifically asked for it. This is done via various synchronize commands. These are found when right clicking on the hard disk icon in the lower left window, from normal mode. Several options are available as described below.

In the following, by files, we mean information from the file system and by tags information kept by Prokyon3 into it's database.


In addition to complete editing and searching capability, Prokyon3 offer some special features:

  1. Favourite Artists

    You can tag favourite artists on the main artist/album list. Once tagged, all favourite artists can be displayed together under the "Fav." tab. Further, play lists can be randomly generated from your favourite artists.

  2. Sampler/Soundtracks

    A similar concept but applying to tracks rather than artists. To flag a Sampler/Sountrack, you will need to edit your track and click on the Sampler or Soundtrack check box in the album information group box.

    Samplers and Soundtracks are listed separately under the "Sampl." tab.